Frequently Asked Questions

Interactive Learning Academy

Yes it is a monthly membership with no contracts. You can decide to cancel membership at any time once logged in under Members --> Current Membership section. Access to the Interactive Learning Academy activities will be active until the end of the billed month's cycle.

A monthly membership includes access to both the Interactive Learning Academy membership area, as well as a full license for the Minecraft: Education Edition. Please visit the What Is Included section for more details.

The membership cost is R99 per subscription per month.

Minecraft: Education Edition

Yes, Minecraft: Education Edition is available to anyone to try for free. The demo lesson does not require any account or log-in. Please visit the Get Started page for more information.

Demo lessons allow you to try Minecraft: Education Edition for free and without an account. Each demo lesson has limited functionality: for example worlds and progress cannot be saved, and it is not possible to join or host a multiplayer game. Playing a demo lesson allows you the opportunity to experience a real lesson in Minecraft: Education Edition. There is no limit on the number of times you play each demo lesson.

Prepares children of all ages for the future, building future-ready skills like creativity, problem solving, and systems thinking, and computational thinking (coding skills) with in-game coding.

Minecraft: Education Edition uses Office 365 services for authentication, and does not collect or store any personal information within the application. The Office 365 platform is in full compliance with COPPA, CIPA, and FERPA.

Minecraft: Education Edition is a special version of the game developed specifically for educational use and includes additional sections like the Coding controllers, Immersive Reader and Book & Quill.

No absolutely not. You definitely do not have to be a gamer or an expert in Minecraft: Education Edition in order to get started.

Download the Parent's Guide Starter Kit. There is a lot of information included that will guide and give you all the information you need.

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