What is everything that is included in my subscription?


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One monthly subscription to all Interactive Learning Academy activities + a full license to Minecraft: Education Edition

Your monthly subscription will include game-based learning, providing kids of all ages with a lot of FUN & exciting interactive learning activities. Updated on a continuous basis!

  1. A full license to the Minecraft: Education Edition that offers special features designed for educational use, free coding lessons, as well as multiplayer functionality to allow players to work together in the immersive game environment.
  2. All of the Minecraft: Education Edition features that support student collaboration and help to create more inclusive scenarios, whether children are learning in person or remotely (these include multiplayer mode, formative assessment tools like the Camera, Book and Quill, and Immersive Reader to support reading and translating).
  3. Full access to the member’s area within the Learning Academy’s activities that includes Interactive Learning Content Types.
  4. Different age group content for:
    • ages 3 to 5
    • ages 6+
    • special learning ages 3 to 5
    • special learning ages 6+
  5. All special learning activities that include content with special background colours and fonts used for eg. children with learning challenges like dyslexia.
  6. Access to all the new and additional resources and content uploaded to the member’s area on a continuous basis!

Interactive Learning Content Types

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